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Addressing the Pain Points of the Real Estate Industry: How to Improve the Quality of Property Images


On real estate platforms, we often come across cluttered property images. Although most of these property images have been edited, they often still have poor quality, which becomes one of the main challenges in our work.

When an agent’s main task is to communicate with clients and facilitate transactions, it's difficult to have enough time and energy to spend on image editing. Normal people's photo editing skills are also unable to reach a professional level to showcase the best perspective of a property. Moreover, limited budgets need to be allocated to advertising and marketing, among other things, all of which are factors that affect the quality of property images, resulting in many negative consequences and prolonging the sales cycle. For example, poor-quality property images may cause clients to have doubts about the property, increasing their uncertainty. They may request more in-person visits or completely lose interest in the property solely based on their initial impression of the photos. All of these lengthen the sales cycle and increases workload and costs.

To address these common problems, we have developed a dedicated online clutter removal software clutter.cc. It can transform a cluttered photo into a high-quality, clean-background, and beautiful image in just 5 minutes. Using clutter.cc is also very simple. Just upload the photo and highlight the objects you want to remove, and the software's intelligent algorithm will quickly eliminate any selected clutter, effortlessly producing high-quality property images that showcase the charm of the property.

Below is a before-and-after comparison using clutter.cc. As you can see, with just a simple highlighting, the quality of the property image can be significantly improved.


By using clutter.cc, the clutter removal process becomes fast and efficient. After enhancing the quality of property images with a single click, clutter-free photos can better highlight the sense of space and layout of the property, making it easier for buyers to assess the value of the property and greatly reducing the transaction cycle. From now on, industry challenges will no longer be a problem!