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Reduce Photo Editing Costs While Enhancing Image Quality with clutter.cc


No matter what type of photo it is, very few are perfect right after capturing them. We usually need to apply some photo editing techniques to achieve the desired level of perfection. The same goes for real estate photography, where one of the common challenges is the presence of objects in front of the beautiful property, or the presence of cluttered and old furniture in the living room, clothes piled up in the bedroom, and various items in the bathroom sink.

To clean up the messy spaces of your property, we are here to provide a cleanup solution – Clutter.cc, an online AI-powered software specifically designed for real estate photo editing. With Clutter.cc, you can quickly and effectively remove all kinds of unwanted objects from your photos. Let's get started to learn about this useful object remover!


How Clutter.cc Optimizes Your Workflow

How did you process your photos after capturing them for your real estate listings? Did you directly upload them to the property listing platforms? Some real estate agents who value image quality and details may have hired professional photo editing teams, which can be costly and time-consuming. It's no secret that most photo editing professionals take about 24-48 hours to deliver the image with standard editing. Such a lengthy processing time is limiting you from reaching out to more potential clients.

How does Clutter.cc optimize your real estate marketing workflow? You can just simply take your real estate pictures and upload them to Clutter.cc, brushing unwanted items and letting AI do the rest for you. This tool significantly enhances your efficiency and allows you to quickly process tens, or even hundreds, of photos, in 3 steps, liberating you from the tedious task of photo editing!

Moreover, if you are not satisfied with the saturation, colors, or other aspects of the photo, you can click the "Beautify" button. The AI algorithms will automatically adjust the contrast, lighting, and even perform color correction to provide you with natural and attractive property images. Let's take a look at the process👇👇👇


Step 1: Upload Your Real Estate Photos

You can upload your image on the homepage of clutter.cc or click "Try Now" to another processing page.


Step 2: Highlight Unwanted Area

Use the brush to paint over the area you want to eliminate, and click the "Remove" button. Let's try removing the sofa in the example image.

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Step 3: Check the Result

Wait a few minutes, and then check the result. If the initial edit does not meet your expectations, you can go back and apply the brush tool multiple times until you achieve the desired outcome.

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Step 4: Auto-Enhance the Photo

If you are satisfied with the initial edit, you can click "Enhance" to further improve the brightness and saturation of the photo.

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Step 5: Compare the Results

Now, let's take a look at the final edit. After the editing process, the rooms appear much more spacious. If you are happy with the final result, you can click "Download" to obtain the edited photo.

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How Much Can You Save on Photo Editing?

Professional photo editing teams often charge about $30 per image, while Clutter.cc has reduced the cost of editing each photo from $30 to just $0.99 each image, both object removal and photo enhancement included. Now, you can save 90% or more on your real estate photo editing expenses, which implies that your profit may increase by 90% or more! Why now capture the opportunity to gain an unfair advantage over your competition?

If you are concerned about the editing quality, let's take a look at what our users say about the product!

User A: "I can't believe such a magical algorithm exists! It processed my uploaded images so perfectly in just a few seconds, and at such an affordable price!"

User B: "I tried it out with a skeptical mindset, but the result surprised me. The removal is so clean that it's as if the object never existed in the first place!"

User C: "The editing result exceeded my expectations, and it only costs $0.99 per image. The speed is incredibly fast, much more efficient than manual editing! I highly recommend it to everyone!"




Through their comments, we can feel the joy of our users after using our product. If you also have photo editing needs, don't hesitate to give it a try!