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How To Design A Bedroom To Add More Value


Today, more than half of the homebuyers consider bedroom as the second most important room when looking for their ideal residence. But when it comes to selling, it is the most neglected area.

To quickly catch your buyers' interests and add more value to your property, the first step is to present clean and warm bedroom pictures that allow potential buyers to envision themselves living there.

In this article, we will discuss three common problems that real estate agents may encounter and provide tips to enhance the appeal of bedroom photos using a cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional photo editing: clutter.cc.


Three Bedroom Photography Tips

A clean, organized, and cozy bedroom can significantly attract more attention from clients and help you sell the property faster compared to a cluttered and disordered room with items randomly tossed on the floor.

To make your job easier, we have provided a list of common issues and their solutions, providing you with the best methods to showcase your bedrooms and sell your houses effectively.


Tip #1: Eliminate the Mess and Keep It Simple

Bedrooms, especially guest bedrooms, often become dumping grounds for random items like clothing, bedding, or accessories. The presence of clutter in your bedroom can create a negative first impression for potential buyers.

  • Solution: Remove distracting items from your bedroom images using Object Removal.

By tidying up the space and arranging furniture strategically, you can help buyers visualize the room according to their preferences. One effective technique in real estate photo editing is Object Removal, which involves deleting unwanted items from your photos.

With the help of AI algorithms, clutter.cc now offers a more affordable and efficient way to digitally remove objects from pictures. Regardless of the clutter present, it can be seamlessly eliminated by uploading the image, selecting the area, and applying the brush tool to remove the item's previous location. The first step in designing a well-crafted bedroom is to keep it simple by using object removal, allowing your clients to focus their attention on the bedroom itself rather than random furniture.

If you're looking for more real estate object removal guides to help you get started, be sure to visit our blog. We offer an in-depth guide with tips and strategies that you can try yourself!


Tip #2: Turn Up the Brightness and Keep It Bright.

Another key aspect of a well-designed bedroom is achieving optimal brightness and color. While adjusting color, lightness, and tone may seem trivial, these techniques can greatly influence the overall ambiance of the room and elicit emotional responses from potential buyers.

  • Solution: Apply a few retouching actions to transform a dull bedroom into a warm and vibrant space.

With clutter.cc, you can effortlessly transform a boring and dull bedroom image into a warm and bright one. By simply clicking on the "Beautify" option, a gloomy bedroom photograph can be instantly enhanced through automated adjustments to lighting, brightness, color, and saturation. This is the second step to making your bedroom picture look remarkable and professional.


Tip #3: Replace Damaged Furniture with Brand New Pieces

Visible signs of furniture damage in your bedroom photos can significantly impact a buyer's perception of a house. To ensure your bedroom pictures make a positive impression, it is crucial to avoid showcasing obviously damaged furniture and instead replace them with new pieces before shooting. However, removing these large items and eliminating any traces can be a time-consuming task. So, what's the solution?

  • Solution: Utilize photo editing techniques to seamlessly replace damaged furniture with new ones.

Alternatively, you can employ effective photo editing techniques, such as clutter.cc, to assist in replacing unsightly furniture with beautiful alternatives. While smaller items can be digitally removed, the process of replacing large damaged furniture requires the use of advanced editing tools. With clutter.cc, you can seamlessly replace these items, ensuring your bedroom photos display an appealing and flawless environment. By utilizing this technique, you can save time and effort while achieving impressive results.


The Turnaround is Too Slow.

Are you still relying on traditional photo processing methods? While manual image processing can yield good results, it often comes with a significant time cost. Common photo editing services may take at least 24 to 48 hours to process a single photo. In contrast, clutter.cc can complete the same task in just a few minutes, thanks to its AI-powered intelligent algorithm technology. This greatly enhances work efficiency for real estate and rental agents.

At clutter.cc, we have developed two distinct algorithms tailored specifically for removing both large and small debris from photos. Once the debris is eliminated, our algorithms intelligently repair and fill the affected areas, leaving no traces of the processing compared to the original photos.


Problem #4: The Cost of Photo Editing is High

When compared to clutter.cc, manual photo processing can be quite expensive. Common photo editing services typically charge between $10 to $30 per photo. While this might be manageable for processing one or two photos occasionally, it can become a significant expense for those who require ongoing photo editing services.

The good news is that clutter.cc is currently in the testing phase, and during this period, the cost of processing a photo is only $0.99 USD. If you have a need for photo editing, please follow me to see how to proceed👇👇👇


Photo Editing with Clutter.cc – An All-in-one Alternative!

①Open clutter.cc. Upload or drag and drop any image on the home page or click [Remove Items Now].


②Apply the brush to the area you want to erase and click [Remove].


③Wait a few minutes, and check out the result. (If the first draft does not reach your expectations, you can return and apply the brush multiple times to obtain a desired result. )


④If necessary, you can click on 'Beautify' to improve the brightness and color of your draft.


⑤After completing the operation, if you are satisfied with the final result, click Download.


Let's quickly check the effect before and after removing the debris. In just 5 steps, you can get a beautiful real estate photo. Don't hesitate, come and experience it!



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