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Quick Guide: 3 Simple Steps to Optimize Your Real Estate Photo


Clutter.cc is an online virtual decluttering and object removal software designed for real estate and rental agents. It applies powerful AI technology to remove unwanted items from real estate images in the fastest and simplest way. Using clutter.cc, you can focus more on the development of your real estate or rental business and have more leisure time so as to achieve a work-life balance.

Based on this, you might wonder how to use this AI real estate photo editing tool for object removal. Just take three steps, and you can present an excellent property picture to your future clients. Try now with me!

Procedures of Object Removal

Step 1: Upload Your Property Image

Open clutter.cc. Upload or drag and drop any property image on the home page or click [Remove Items Now].

Step 2: Select the Area You Want to Remove

Apply the brush to the area you want to erase and click [Remove].

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Step 3: Get a Clean Picture of Your Real Estate.

Wait a few minutes, and check out the result. If the first draft does not reach your expectations, you can return and apply the brush multiple times to get the desired result. Finally, you can click [Beautify] to improve the brightness and color of your draft. If you are satisfied with the final result, click download.

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Check Out Our Results

Once you apply the brush to the objects you want to get rid of, AI will start processing automatically , and remove the objects in minutes, while common photo editing services may take at least 24-48 hours.

Clutter.cc can remove unwanted objects from your photos of any size, whether as small as a cup on the dining table, trash on the floor, a book on the bedside table, or as big as a sofa in the living room, a bed in the bedroom, a bathtub in the bathroom.

Check out the following results edited by clutter.cc. If you are interested, don't hesitate to try it!

Small Objects

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Large Object

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As you can see, clutter.cc - an AI-based photo editing expert for object removal - can remove anything from your photos without leaving any trace or mosaic behind. Try Now to create an extraordinary image.

Clutter.cc Q&A

Q: How long should it take to edit real estate photos?

A: Most photo editing services commonly take at least 24-48 hours, but clutter. cc only takes about 10 minutes.

Q: How difficult is it to edit my real estate photos via clutter.cc?

A: No technical knowledge, training or tutorial required, you can remove the object in minutes without damaging the quality of your original image.

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