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Clutter.cc: Meet Your #1 AI Real Estate Photo Editing Expert for Object Removal


More than 90% of home tenants and buyers start looking online for their ideal residence, where you may only have a few seconds to catch their attention. In order to create amazing photographs, you need an ideal real estate photo editing service, beginning with an Object Removal Edit.

Numerous companies and applications have made this claim that they can quickly erase unwanted objects from real estate photos without leaving any trace of them behind, but the reality is that not all of them live up to their promise. In this article, you will meet a newly emerged AI real estate photo editor for object removal - clutter.cc - to optimize your property photos.

Ultra-Fast: 5 Minute Turnaround Time

As an AI-powered real estate photo editing expert, clutter.cc allows for an ultra-fast turnaround time of 10 minutes or less, while common real estate photo editing tools take at least 24 hours for regular photo editing.

Once you apply the brush to highlight unwanted objects in photographs, you will receive a perfectly clean image within 5 minutes for small items or 10 minutes for large objects.

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Convenient: One Click to Clean Everything

Driven by artificial intelligence, clutter.cc has simplified complex photo editing procedures into 3 simple steps. No installation required! You can remove unwanted objects from photos online!

Step 1: Upload your property image.

Step 2: Apply the brush to unwanted objects. Click "Remove".

Step 3: Wait for minutes and get a perfectly clean picture of your real estate.

If you are not satisfied with the edited photo, you can apply the brush again to the intended area multiple times to get a desired result. With the assistance of powerful AI technology, realtors with no design experience can also produce excellent real estate photographs easily and efficiently.

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Consistent: High-Quality Maintanance

Attractive, high-quality photography is essential in today's real estate and rental industry. With sophisticated AI training, clutter.cc ensures the high quality of output image's color correctness, sharpness, and resolution.

For example, kitchen and bathroom photos often appear various unwanted objects that photographers want to get rid of, such as:

  • Bottles and jars by the sink
  • Pots and pans by the stove
  • Messy cutlery on the table

Using our AI-based photo editing expert, you can digitally remove obstructions, furniture, boxes, junk and any other objects you want to get rid of without leaving any trace behind. After the removal, a bit of photo manipulation and color correctness will automatically fill in the spot of the item that was removed.

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Clutter.cc Q&A

Q: What is Object Removal?

A: Object removal is one of the commonly used real estate photo editing skills. In order to make real estate photos more attractive or prepare for virtual staging, designers frequently employ object removal to get rid of unwanted objects.

Q: How AI is better than common real estate photo editing services?

A: AI-powered real estate photo editing provides better services in its faster turnout time (5-10min), more user-friendly, and high-quality results.

Q: How do real estate photographers edit their photos using AI ?

A: AI-based real estate photo editing tool does not require professional skills to edit photos. Even realtors with no design experience can create a beautiful clean property picture in three steps: upload photo → apply brush to unwanted object and click "remove" → save a perfectly clean image.