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Cleanup Kitchen | How to Quickly Clean up Messy Spaces in Kitchen


Which area bothers rental estate or rental agents the most? The kitchen definitely counts! It commonly happened that garages, stains, pans, stoves, and many other messy spaces were all caught in your shots. So, how to quickly remove unwanted items from the kitchen? How to instantly turn a messy space into an empty one with clutter removal? Turn to clutter.cc and you can get perfectly clean results at ease!

Clutter.cc is an online virtual decluttering and object removal software designed for real estate and rental agents. Driven by powerful AI technology, it can remove unwanted items from real estate images instantly and easily. Even the kitchen photograph filled with numerous garages or stains can be easily cleaned up in 5 minutes! Take a look at how it works and try now!

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Part I:Remove 1 or 2 Small Items Online

First, let's remove one or two small items from the kitchen picture. If you are interested, join us and clean up your kitchen photograph NOW!

Step1: Upload Your Property Image

Open clutter.cc. Upload your picture on the homepage or click [Remove Items Now].

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Step2: Select the Area You Want to Remove

Let's try to remove some small items in the picture first, for example, bottles or cans. Now, apply the brush to the area you want to erase and click [Remove].

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Step3: Check Out Your First Draft

Wait a few minutes, and check out the result. If the first draft needs some improvements, you can return and apply the brush again to get a desired result.

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Step4:Auto-beautify Picture

If you are satisfied with your first draft, then you can click [Beautify] to improve the brightness and saturation of your photo.

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Step5:Compare the Final Result with the Original One

Ok, now let's have a look at the output image. After object removal and photo enhancement, the picture looks much cleaner and more attractive than before. If you are satisfied with the final result, click Download.


Part II: Remove Various Kitchen Items at Once

Not only small bottles or cans, but various large unwanted items in the picture can also be removed by clutter.cc at once, such as fridge, table, food, or any other kitchen waste.

Now let's try it again to see how clutter.cc effectively removes all kinds of kitchen items at once.

Step1: Upload Your Kitchen Photograph

Again, go to clutter.cc or [Remove Items Now] and upload the picture you wish to process.

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Step2: Highlight ALL Kinds of Items You Want to Remove

Highlight food, plates, or any other furniture you wish to get rid of in the picture at one time, and click [Remove].

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Step3: Check Out the Result

In less than 5 minutes, you can get your first draft. If some trace of items are left behind, you can apply the brush several times to get a satisfying result.

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Step4: Auto-Correct the Brightness and Saturation

You can click [Beautify] to improve the brightness and color of your draft automatically. Clutter.cc can not only help you to clean up clutter in our pictures, but also enhance the quality of your real estate photograph.

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Step5: Compare the Result

Finally, let's take a look at the pictures before and after processing. In just a few minutes, clutter.cc turns a messy kitchen picture into a clean one. You can just click download to get a perfectly clean kitchen photo.

Clutter.cc is not only fast at object removal, but quite simple in use as well. With this online real estate photo editing software, you can present beautiful and photorealistic property images in an extremely efficient way to catch your buyers' interests.

If you are interested, don't hesitate to try it!



Q: How to quickly remove the items in the picture?

A: You can use clutter.cc with simple [Highlight] and [Click]. This online real estate photo editing software can remove all kinds of unwanted objects from the picture within 5 minutes via powerful AI technology.

Q: What are the criteria to choose the best service or software for real estate photo editing?

A: Top 3 criteria to choose the best real estate photo editing software include: high-quality results, fast turnaround time, and user-friendly interface. Try clutter.cc now to explore how it meets these standards!