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Bathroom Decluttering| 3 Advantages to Use Object Removal In Real Estate Photos

The bathroom is an ideal space for self-care and leisure time where one can enjoy his/her own time without being disturbed. When tenants look for the best residence, first impressions of the bathroom photographs really count. A clean and tidy bathroom can quickly captivate clients and even compel them to check out or even rent the property.

However, bathrooms often include various objects that mess up the whole environment. It may be a bottle of body lotion on the shelf beside the window. Or maybe a towel or bathrobe hanging on the clothes rack next to the bathtub.

Here, we recommend clutter.cc, an online photo editing and object removal software, for real estate and rental agents. Whatever the object is, it can be quickly removed, after a little brushing and retouching to fill in the spot where the item was previously located.

Advantages of Clutter.cc

Why do I recommend cluster.cc? There are three main points👇👇👇

1、Fast processing speed

First, clutter.cc has replaced manual work with AI technology to remove unwanted objects from real estate images quickly and conveniently. Whereas common photo editing services may take at least 24-48 hours for standard editing, clutter.cc removes the objects and enhances the photo in just 5 minutes, which greatly improves the work efficiency for real estate and rental businesses.

2、Easy to use

You might assert that it must be quite difficult to use such high-tech software for photo editing. On the contrary, another important advantage of clutter.cc is its minimal user interface. You don't need any professional photo editing skills to remove objects from the photo. Just take three steps, and you can present an excellent property picture to your future clients. Try now with me!

Step 1: Upload Your Image of a Bathroom

Open clutter.cc. Upload or drag and drop any bathroom image on the home page or click [Remove Items Now].

Step 2: Highlight the Area You Want to Remove

Apply the brush to the area you want to erase and click [Remove].

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Step 3: Get a Clean Picture of Bathroom

Wait a few minutes, and check out the result. If the first draft does not reach your expectations, you can return and apply the brush multiple times to obtain a desired result.

Finally, you can click [Beautify] to improve the brightness and color of your draft. If you are satisfied with the final result, click [Download] to get an inviting picture.

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3、No trace, high quality

Now, I have successfully removed various messy items (e.g. skincare products, bodywash, shampoo) from the bathroom picture. The processed image perfectly confirmed the third advantage of cluster.cc: no trace and high quality. As you can see, clutter.cc - an AI-based photo editing expert for object removal - can remove anything from your photos without leaving any trace or mosaic behind. Try Now to create an extraordinary image.

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These are the three main advantages of "clutter. cc". If you are looking for an online real estate photo editing software to remove clutter quickly and easily, don't hesitate to try it and get surprising results!