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A Guide on How to Easily Remove Objects from Living Room Photographs


The living room is one of the most important places where family members can watch TV, listen to music, or play games together in their daily life. Just imagine, if you are a tenant or a buyer, which residence would you prefer? A photograph of a dark and messy living room or a photograph of a spacious and bright one? Since 90% of buyers or tenants start looking online for their ideal residence, it is crucial to create an appealing and realistic photograph to catch their interests in a few seconds.

Here, we recommend clutter.cc, an online virtual decluttering and object removal software designed for real estate and rental agents. Driven by powerful AI technology, it can remove unwanted items from real estate images in an extremely fast and simple way.

What is AI Object Removal?

AI object removal is a method of analyzing images via intelligent algorithms and creating an automatic process to remove objects in an ultrafast way. Once artificial intelligence receives the image, it will analyze the structure, size, and color of the objects and the background of the image.

In this process, AI identifies specific patterns from the image and generates "Masks" based on this information. With thousands of training in object removal, intelligent algorithms possess the capability of removing objects in minutes.

Advantages of AI Object Removal

The most significant advantages of AI Object Removal include:

Fast processing speed Clutter.cc only takes 5 minutes to process an image from [Upload] to [Download], which surpasses most photo editing teams and software in the real estate industry.

Simple operation steps Clutter.cc does not require any professional photo editing skills such as Photoshop to edit a photo. In just three steps, you can get your dream rooms.

High-quality results If you thoroughly and accurately select the area where unwanted objects are placed, you can get a perfectly clean picture of your real estate without any trace left behind.

Compared with traditional photo editing teams, clutter.cc can create the same high-quality picture in a much faster and easier way.

【Try Now】


Here, let's try to remove unwanted items (e.g. fruits, snacks, bottles) from the living room picture as follows:

Step 1: Upload Your Living Room Picture.

Open clutter.cc. Upload or drag and drop any living room image on the home page or click [Remove Items Now].

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Step 2: Highlight ALL Areas Where Unwanted Objects are Placed.

Apply the brush to the area of the items you want to erase and click [Remove].

To get a better result, please thoroughly and accurately highlight ALL small details of the area where the object is placed.

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Step 3: Get a Clean Picture of the Living Room.

Wait a few minutes, and check out the result. If the first draft does not reach your expectations, you can return and apply the brush multiple times to obtain a desired result.

Then, you can click [Beautify] to improve the brightness and color of your draft. If you get an ideal result, click [Download] to save the photo.

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Q: If the sofa in the living room is quite large, can clutter.cc remove it?

A: Of course, as long as you select the object you want to remove, AI will start working regardless of the size of the object.

Q: If I felt too slow to brush the object bit by bit, what should I do?

A: When removing large objects, you can adjust the size of the brush to the maximum.