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Top 4 Listing Photo Red Flags That Will Drive Away Your Buyers


The property images are crucial when it comes to buying, renting, or selling a house. Property images can help potential clients to have a basic understanding of the property and take a quick look at all its best aspects. A dull home listing may quickly eliminate the clients' interests and reduce selling opportunities for real estate agents. Therefore, it's essential to pay attention to every detail of your property image to attract your buyer's interests in the first few seconds. Here, we have listed four important red flags in the house listing photos that may drive away potential buyers and tips to remove them from your listings.

The Absence of Real Estate Photos

The first thing a buyer looks at when looking for a house is the property pictures. Absence of property images is fatal in the real estate market because buyers won't know if they are interested without photos of each room, facility, and decorations of the house.

Property images are highly effective to catch your buyer's interest by showing them the best assets and features of the property. Without property images, it's simple to conclude that the house isn't what the text said it is. Therefore, the more photos you present of the property, the yard or even the neighborhood, the more chance you have of attracting clients.

Commonly, real estate agents need to present more than 30 photos for each listing to fully present its features and rooms. However, even the most productive photographers cannot edit more than 70 photos on the same day as they shoot. In other words, you can only present at most 2 listings to your clients in a day, which greatly limits you from growing your business.

Solution: Leveraging AI to get real estate photos in 5 minutes.

Thanks to AI algorithms, you can now create as many listing pictures as you want in mere 5 minutes with clutter.cc. This means that you can now book more shoots and present more inviting pictures of your listing to expand your real estate business to the next level. The speed and efficiency of the process are what make your business more flourishing.

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Signs of Damage or Chaos

Most buyers or tenants expect to find a house that looks comfortable and clean because a new residence, to some extent, represents a new life. For this reason, real estate agents must avoid showing property pictures with any signs of damage or chaos, which may immediately drive your buyers away.

Solution: Eliminating unwanted clutter or damage from images using Object Removal.

By simply uploading images to clutter.cc and brushing all the unwanted items in the image, you can sit back and watch as it generates a clean and empty listing in no time at all. The cleaner and more organized the rooms appear, the greater chances your buyers will ask about the property.

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Dull and Dark Room Environment

In addition to providing enough number of listing photos and eliminating signs of chaos, you should also avoid showing poor-quality images such as dim light or gloomy environment. All these environmental factors may leave an impression of boredom and low spirit, which may quickly eliminate your buyers' desire to live.

Solution: Adjusting lightness and enhancing property images using appropriate techniques.

What's the solution? Turn to real estate photo enhancement and add the magic back into your images! Using clutter.cc, you can just click the [Beautify] button and AI will automatically adjust the contrast, color, and brightness of the photo for you. In a few minutes, you can get natural and attractive listing photos with incredible quality!

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Unrealistic Home Pictures

Although photo editing for real estate is important, excessive editing or altering images can make buyers skeptical of your real-life property, which in turn reduces their interest in your listings. For this reason, your property images must stay consistent with your real-life property and improve to a reasonable extent.

Solution: Home pictures must be natural and photorealistic.

To ensure the realistic quality of your listing photos, you can hire a professional real estate photo editing team for help. Or, you can apply clutter.cc to intelligently adjust the brightness, color, and contrast of listing photos comparable to photo editing professionals but at a more reasonable price point.

Loved by many real estate agents, brokerage firms, and photographers, clutter.cc is a cheaper photo editing alternative for real estate.

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The more effort you put into real estate photos, the higher chance you have to attract clients. At clutter.cc, we aim to provide an all-in-one solution for real estate agents and brokerage firms with our intelligent real estate photo editing services. From removing unwanted objects from your shot to adjusting brightness, contrast, or color, our intelligent robot can do it all to create natural, realistic, and tasteful photos. Upload a picture of a room today to get started for FREE!